Pickfords Removals returns to the small screen!

Pickfords the UK’s largest moving and storage Company, will be featured in the second series of The Removal Men, which will air on Channel 5 on Wednesday 24th October at 8pm 

In Series Two, Pickfords crews from across the country help their customers meet the challenges of move day including: a hoarder who won’t let go of their property, a move that falls through twice in a row, a 20ft Triceratops moving from its museum for a makeover, a move from a haunted hotel and a young family moving from their house on a hilltop.

Russell Start, Managing Director of Pickfords, said: “It’s great to be back on the airwaves again and in the forthcoming series of The Removal Men, we hope that viewers will get a real insight into the variety of challenges that moving home presents to both our customers and clients and our removals crews”.   

Meet the Pickfords team who worked on the series at www.pickfords.co.uk/meet-the-crew

Would you like to take part in a new television programme?

Pickfords is helping TV production company TwoFour to find individuals and families who have goods in store and would be interested in taking part in a new programme to be broadcast on ITV1.

They are looking for: 

  • Couples/families with items in storage that are no longer needed or have been inherited
  • Individuals who store belongings that are not welcome in the house
  • Long-standing collectors with no space left in their home
  • Or people who just can’t let go of their stuff because it has sentimental value and currently doesn’t have a place in the home

Experts will help storers to sort through their goods in store and  help them decide whether to “keep it” “skip it” or “sell it”.
More information can be found on the Pickfords website.

If any readers of our blog would like to take part,  contact TwoFour direct on storageshow@twofour.co.uk



Has the identity of Jack the Ripper been revealed?

An interesting reference to Pickfords’ long history can be found in the Telegraph this week.

The world has speculated on the identity of the notorious murderer, Jack the Ripper for over 100 years. The perpetrator of the grizzly murders in London’s east end at the end of the century, was never caught. On the 100 year anniversary of the first murder, authors Christer Holmgren and Edward Stow have put forward the theory that Jack could have been a cart man, (a modern day driver or porter or removals man) who was found at the scene of the first murder. It is noted in the official evidence that the cart man, Charles Cross was on his way to Pickfords’ depot in Broad Street at about 3am, when he found the mutilated body of Polly Nichols – so he could have worked for Pickfords at the time. ( Branches must have opened later in those days!). Although found at the scene, Cross did not seem to come under much interrogation from the police at the time, though it is noted be provided a false name.

An interesting theory, though there have been many suggestions for the culprit over the last one hundred years including Prince Albert Victor, the grandson of Queen Victoria, and Sir William Gull, the Queen’s doctor.

A fascinating article below


Pickfords nominated and shortlisted as International Moving Company of the Year


For the third year running, Pickfords has been nominated and shortlisted as ‘International Moving Company of the Year’ at the Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards 2012. 

These prestigious awards, created by the Global Mobility industry’s leading association, the Forum for Expatriate Management, will be judged by a prestigious panel of judges, who will assess the submissions received against the criteria for the awards.   

The EMMAs are intended to celebrate excellence and innovation in global mobility programmes as well as to recognise the performance of service providers in supporting the ambitions of corporate relocation programmes. 

Judging criteria in these categories include client communication, innovation, knowledge, skills and expertise.   

The EMMAs will be awarded at the Forum for Expatriate Management’s Gala Dinner at the Riverbank Plaza in London on October 19th.

Visit us at www.pickfords.com

Pickfords to keep London moving during the Olympics

Pickfords reveals plan to keep London moving home
 during the Olympic Games 

Pickfords, the UK’s largest removals and storage company,  has unveiled its plans to keep London moving during London 2012. 

The Olympic Games will affect both home movers and businesses between 27th July and 9th September as the transport system in London will be impacted by the Olympic event.   Road systems will change, priority ‘Olympic’ lanes will be added, some roads will close and, with an influx of visitors to London, parking spaces will be in short supply. 

Pickfords has set up a team to investigate the possible impacts and to create a plan to overcome the problems created in the London transport system.  The plan will include a range of tactics including:  identifying the hot spots and affected postcodes early in the process, daily syndication of traffic reports between Pickfords branches,   liaising with street party organisers, working in the evening and during the night and using a shuttle service to transport its customers’ goods. 

Operations Director Mark Taylor said, “Our highest priority is to ensure our customers’ moves go smoothly in London this summer, so we will be liaising closely with Transport for London, the London Organising Committee for the Games and the London Boroughs to ensure we take every action necessary to overcome the challenges.” 

“If our customers are planning to move during the Olympic weeks, particularly the gap between the Games, we urge them to contact us as soon as possible so we can make the necessary checks and arrangements.’

Call your local branch on 0800 019 8557

You can see more detail on the plans in the Olympic corner of the Pickfords website on www.pickfords.co.uk/olympics

Pickfords moves Dorchester dinosaur!

Pickfords, the UK’s largest removal and storage company, stopped the traffic in Dorchester to help move a life-sized dinosaur model earlier this month.

Tricky the Triceratops is a long term resident of the Dinosaur Museum in Icen Way, Dorchester. Owners Mike and Jackie Ridley decided that Tricky was showing signs of age and needed a makeover. The work could not be carried out on site, so Tricky had to be moved to a workshop where the model could be cleaned and repainted.

Pickfords was called in to move Tricky from the museum, via crane onto a flat bed vehicle, ready to be driven to the workshop. It took four men to move the model and one to watch the fragile tail as the large dinosaur inched past telephone wires and metal railings. The road had to be closed and crowds gathered to watch Tricky ‘hang’ in the air briefly,  prior to resting safely on the vehicle.

The whole move was filmed as part of Channel 5’s new series of The Removal Men, a fly-on-the-wall documentary about Pickfords and its customers.

Curator Tim Batty said ‘Pickfords was keen to help and thought that the move would be ideal for the TV programme. Tricky will be returning after a few weeks with a new finish to take pride of place in the Dinosaur Museum’s outside area. The triceratops will be away from the museum for as short a time as possible, as he is a firm favourite with visitors to the Museum and local families who pass by on a regular basis.’

Pickfords Removals’ Christmas Card Competition

View the winner and the runner ups

Pickfords’ Christmas card was the result of a competition held at St Georges School in Amersham.   The winner was six year old Robin Lawrence, who took the prize for his colourful and inventive card.  Robin managed to capture lots of themes including selling a house, moving and Christmas.  His design featured a Pickfords removals vehicle.

Robin Lawrence Winner of Pickfords' competition

Today we are celebrating the work of the runners up.  Of one hundred and forty pupils, four cards were selected and are featured below.

The runners up are: Haris Bajwa aged 4. Haris’s design featured a fantastic Pickfords removals vehicle.

Pickfords christmas card runner up

Tolu Adeleye aged 6. Tolu included a Pickfords vehicle, christmas tree and baubles, snowman and Santa.

Tolu-Adeleye Runner up

David Holister age 4. David’s card shows Santa driving a Pickfords removals vehicle carrying a Christmas tree.

Pickfords removals christmas card

Congratulations to all the children that took part.

Order a letter from Santa for your children

Pickfords has been supporting the NSPCC for the last year and has so far raised £62,000 to help put an end to child cruetly.  This is a great idea for Christmas. You can order a beautifully designed, personal letter from Santa for your Children. The letter will arrive, addressed to them with good wishes from Santa Claus himself. The letter costs just £5, which will be your donation to the UK’s leading children’s charity the NSPCC. This is a great way to raise money for children. Create some magic this Christmas with a letter from Santa.    www.pickfords.co.uk/nspcc

Moving home is a great time to look at your home contents insurance

Pickfords has introduced a home contents comparison website which we now introduce to our customers at the point of moving home.

Research showed that a home move is a trigger for many householders to review their finances and insurance arrangements, so we have created a service to help movers save money

Pickfords has negotiated a range of discounts and offers with insurance providers for home and contents insurance, lettings property insurance and vacant property insurance.  You can get a quote from the Pickfords website by logging in, filling out a simple form and our insurance engine will seek out the best insurances to suit your needs. 

If you would prefer to speak to somebody rather than go online, you can speak to a consultant on 0845 504 0660.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Would you like to star in the next series of Channel 5’s ‘The Removal Men: Pickfords’

A new series of ‘The Removal Men: Pickfords’ is being planned and Pickfords is searching for customers who would like to take part in Series Two.

The last series followed Pickfords’ removal teams as they helped their customers through the rigours of move day.   We are planning to film between November and February and are on the look out for customers who would like to take part.  So, if you would like to take part in filming the next series of ‘The Removal Men:Pickfords’  you can find out more and see some examples of episodes of the programme on the Pickfords website.  Telephone Pickfords on 0203 188 2632 to discuss the possibilities!