‘Pickfords Witches’ get muddy for Cancer Research UK

The self-styled ‘Pickfords Witches of Eastwood’ completed this weekend’s Pretty Muddy event in Derby this weekend, raising over £1,200 for Cancer Research UK!

Well done to Laura Abbey, Amy Chambers, Chantelle Benniston, Charlotte Randall, Georgina Langley and Rachel Walsh from Pickfords’ Nottingham branch for finishing the 5k race on Saturday for Pickfords’ partner charity.

The Derby Pretty Muddy is a large obstacle course over a mixture of terrains, set in 200 acres of parkland within Markeaton Park. As the name suggests, getting muddy is an integral part of the experience!

All funds raised will be donated to Cancer Research UK, supporting research towards the charity’s ultimate goal: bringing forward the day when we beat cancer.

UPDATED: Important information following global cyber attack on Maersk Group

Maersk has confirmed that some of its IT and communications infrastructure has been impacted. Pickfords will monitor the situation closely and keep our customers informed, should their shipments be affected.

Message from Maersk Group:

Please see the following information from Maersk Group. Pickfords will monitor the situation closely and will make contact with our customers, should they be impacted by this incident.

“Following on from our communications yesterday (27th June 2017) regarding the impact of the global cyber attack, Petya, on A.P. Møller-Maersk group, we can confirm that some of our IT and communications infrastructure have been impacted and we have proactively shut down as a security measure.

For now this means the following:

All immediate vessel operations will continue as planned, making the majority of planned port calls.

Access to most ports is not impacted, however some APM Terminals are affected and gates are closed 

Cargo in transit will be offloaded as planned.  Import Cargo will be released to credit customers

At the present time we are unfortunately unable to serve new quotes or accept future bookings. However we do greatly appreciate your patience and look forward to carrying your cargo as soon as it is practically possible 

Unfortunately due to the impact on our IT and communications systems we are limited in our ability to communicate with you. We will continue to email you when appropriate and will be updating our Social Media channels regularly.

We apologize once again for any inconvenience this may cause your business and we are working hard to resume normal operations as soon as possible.

The Maersk Team”


*UPDATE 11:50am* a further message from Maerk

“Dear Customer,

As per our previous customer advisory regarding the impact of the global cyber attack on Maersk Line we are able to provide you with the following services at this time:

  • All immediate vessel operations will continue as planned
  • Access to UK and Irish ports is not impacted
  • Cargo in transit will be offloaded as planned. 
  • Import cargo will be released to credit customers
  • Export haulage booked to load in the next 24 hours will be accommodated where possible”

How to fit in as an expat

Moving abroad is a great chance to enrich your career and your life, but optimising any expat experience means fitting in with the locals and becoming part of the culture. Read our top tips to help you integrate with your host county and make the most of your overseas opportunity:

Get to know the area

Spend your first few weeks in your host country, as well as any pre-trips, familiarising yourself with local area. Learn the native pronunciation of street names and place names. Find out where the nearest amenities are. The better you know your new locale, the less people will see you as a tourist or an outsider.

Learn the language

If you’re moving to a country with a different native language, it can be tempting to get by on the locals’ knowledge of English. But to properly integrate, it’s important to have at least some understanding of the local dialect. The more you know, the more people will open up to you, and the better you’ll fit in.

Take a course before you emigrate to gain at least a basic understanding of the host language. Then your real learning begins in-country. Wherever possible, ask the locals to converse with you in their native tongue; most people will be happy to help you learn.

Understand the culture

Like learning the language, you can start to understand your host country before you travel, but the real education begins after you emigrate. For starters, visit expat blogs and forums to get a feel for your destination before you go. Learn enough about the local history, music and sports teams to help you get by. Seek to understand the basics of dining and business etiquette and greeting customs so you don’t make any embarrassing faux pas.

After you arrive, don’t be tempted to just hang out with other expats. You can only truly understand a culture by becoming immersed in it, so spend plenty of time with the locals. Many people love to talk about their country, so ask lots of questions. Say yes to dinner invites, parties, nights out and other events as often as possible.

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Meet the 2017 Pickfords powerboat crew!

In three weeks, Pickfords will once again compete in the P1 SuperStock Championship. The annual marine motorsport series features 11 powerboats competing in four European races. The boats race close to shore, tight and fast. The races are a great public spectacle and a demanding task for the drivers and navigators.
This year we welcome Glynn and Lee Norvall as Pickfords’ driver and navigator. The siblings are no strangers to the world of powerboats, competing in last year’s Championship in support of Help for Heroes. We spoke to the brothers to find out what drives them to face the top speeds and choppy waters typical of P1:

Hello to you both, and welcome to the team! Tell us something interesting about yourselves.

Lee: I enjoy Thai boxing and actively trained in Thailand up to a couple of years ago.
Glynn: My best friend is my Boxer dog Stanley, who is totally nuts!

Who’s the most competitive of both of you?
G: I’m the most competitive out of Lee and myself.
L: I am definitely the most competitive out of us both (I just like to let Glynn think he is…!)

How did you get into powerboat racing?
G: We are the second generation of powerboat racers in our family.  My dad Douglas Norvall raced offshore powerboats in the 1960s and 1970s, so we are following in his footsteps.
L: Yes we were highly influenced by our dad. We spent our weekends playing with boats and water and listening to his stories of racing hijinks from back in the day!

What is the highlight of your racing career so far?
L: Being placed in the top five teams in the UK in 2016, which lead to us being promoted to the World Championship in Mumbai earlier this year!
G: Coming third in the Mumbai Championship; it was the first ever P1 race in India!

What are you most looking forward to in the season ahead?
L: With a new team as PickfordsFX, a new boat and two new locations I am looking forward to spending a lot of time on the podium!
G: Racing against some good competition and hopefully a few podium finishes would be nice.

The 2017 P1 SuperStock Championship begins on Saturday 10 June in Aalborg, Denmark. Three more rounds will then take place across England, Scotland and Wales through to September. Watch this space for regular coverage of the upcoming races!

Pickfords announces new charity partnership with Cancer Research UK

Pickfords, the UK’s largest and best known removals and storage company, has announced a change in its CSR policy and the principal charity it supports. Pickfords will now be supporting Cancer Research UK, the world’s largest independent cancer research charity, dedicated to its vision to beat cancer sooner.

The decision to support Cancer Research UK underpins a new objective; to create a healthier workplace for Pickfords employees.

The new partnership means Pickfords employees will have access to a range of health information to keep them better informed about cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Understanding changes in lifestyle choices and the adoption of healthy habits will help to reduce the risk of developing cancer and to know how to spot cancer early.


Pickfords now collect customers’ unwanted items on move day to raise money for Cancer Research UK


Pickfords’ Managing Director, Russell Start said,

“We felt the time was right to work with a charity with new objectives. It is likely that all of us have been touched by cancer at some point in our lives, so I hope we will all benefit from improved awareness and will get behind our fundraising activities to support the search for a cure.”

Moving with children: a family checklist

Parents know that trying to organise anything with your children can be a challenging experience. Moving home will probably be one of you kids’ biggest life changes in their early years, so it’s important to get organised and help smooth the transition for them.

While your professional removal company do all the packing and heavy lifting for you, how can you prepare your children for the big move? Here are our top tips for moving and settling in with kids:

  • Pack a moving day rucksack with snacks and entertainment to keep them occupied throughout the move.
  • Allow your children to feel settled in by helping them set up their room first.
  • Let your children pick paint colours and new bedding for their room, to help them get excited about their personal space in your new home.
  • To minimise the stress of acclimatising to their new environment, try to keep to the same time schedule (e.g. for meals and bedtime) to help them adjust quickly.
  • Help your kids to find new playmates in the area by introducing them to the neighbours and signing them up to after-school clubs.
  • If possible, pay visits to your childrens’ new school to help them get acclimatised to their new environment before term starts.
  • Get involved in parent clubs, either online or locally to your new home, to discover the best kids activities in your new neighbourhood.
  • And of course, don’t forget to childproof your new home!

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Just moved? 19 tips for settling in

Settling in.jpg

Moving home is a great opportunity for a fresh start: a new house or flat means a chance to reorganise, redecorate and transform the place into your own, while moving into a new neighbourhood means new friends and new activities you can get involved in.

There are also those last little niggles that need sorting out in your new home before you’re truly settled in.

So once the moving vans have left the driveway and you’re all unpacked, what’s next? Here’s a few suggestions:

1. See the sights

Make the most of your new locale by checking out the nearby tourist attractions and soaking up the scenery. This will be especially helpful if you have children who are still acclimatising.

2. Track down your local services

Make a note of your nearest garage, supermarket, post office, launderette, and anything else you might need in a hurry.

3. Familiarise yourself with local transport

Where’s your nearest bus stop? What are the local train times? Does Uber operate in the area or is there a good local taxi service? Get to know your nearby transport links so you’re well prepared when you need to venture out.

4. Chip your pets

Getting your pets micro-chipped helps ensure you can track them down should they get lost in your new neighbourhood.

5. Tell your friends

Don’t forget to let friends and family know your new address. While it’s tempting to send a mass email or group Facebook message, your loved ones might really appreciate a phone call or personalised letter with your updated details.

6. Join something

Whether you join the local chapter of your favourite club, society or sport from your old neighbourhood or look for something new, find a way to get involved in your local community.

7. Get active

Moving home can be overwhelming. Let off some steam by going for a run or joining your local gym or sports centre.

8. Check your fixtures and appliances

Make sure your fridge, freezer, cooker, washing machine, boiler, shower, etc are free of damage. It’ll be cheaper to fix them now then after they go wrong.

9. Update your insurance policies

Don’t forget to change your address on your life, car, home and any other insurance documentation.

10. Update your paperwork

Dental records, doctors, bank and credit card statements, TV licence, utilities, phone bill, driving licence, council tax… save yourself a headache later and get these up to date now.

11. Change the locks

You don’t know who the old residents gave keys to. Just to be safe, get the locks changed and update any security codes.

12. Cut your keys

Get your house keys cut so your partner, older children and a trusted neighbour all have a set, and get emergency spares.

13. Register to vote

Make sure you have a voice in your new neighbourhood. Contact your local council and register before the next election.

14. Recycle

However carefully you pack, you may well discover some items you just don’t need anymore when you unload your boxes. Take the opportunity to recycle or donate any unwanted items before they clutter up your new home.

15. List emergency numbers

The gas man, computer repair, mechanic, plumber, doctor’s surgery… make a list so you can contact them in a rush.

16. Get painting

Chances are the decor that your home’s old residents chose isn’t exactly how you’d like it. Get some samples and start painting or wallpapering, and make the place your own.

17. Introduce yourself

Say hello to your neighbours! Hosting a BBQ or simply inviting the locals round for tea is a great way to get to know who’s who.

18. Apply the finishing touches

Hang pictures and paintings, arrange photos and ornaments: anything to make your house or flat feel like a home.

19. Relax!

Settling in is hard work. Take a little time for yourself and enjoy everything you’ve worked for.