Pickfords powerboat finishes 3rd at SuperStock!

Well done to Glynn and Lee Norvall, driver and navigator of the Pickfords powerboat (powered by TorFX), for finishing the 2017 P1 SuperStock Championship in 3rd place! Following a dramatic season, Pickfords’ navigator Lee Norvall gave us his perspective on the final race weekend in Milford Haven on 15 – 16 July:

“The crash in Greenock took its toll on both the boat and crew, so we hurriedly tried to fix both before the next round at Milford Haven, which was not far behind Greenock.

Losing points [from the crash] had a big effect and it left us in 8th position leading into Milford. After [the intended final race in] Scarborough was sadly cancelled, two more races where added to Milford with a total of six 20 minute races (three a day) and more points up for grabs. On Saturday all three races were back-to-back meaning over an hour of racing!

We had a simple game plan for the weekend to pick up points and were focused on racing just three [competitor] boats. After the first race, sea conditions left a number of boats damaged and we hopped ahead with points. Then, at the start of another race, Kissimmee span out and we took advantage of it. A seven-lap cat-and-dog game began between PickfordsFX and Kissimmee, until their 25-plus years of off-shore racing experience meant they undertook us on a corner. Many commented that this fight was the highlight of the weekends’ racing!

With overnight repairs to a number of boats [after Saturday], we knew [on Sunday] that we just needed to keep Typhoo behind us and to pick-off Kissimmee if the opportunity arose, which it did! The overnight repair to Kissimmee left their boat running slow and we were able to jump ahead of them for the weekend. As always Typhoo played a tight game and kept the pressure on with only six points separating us at the end of the weekend.

With a weekend of 5th, 4th and 3rd finishes, we ended up taking a well deserved 3rd on the podium and gained enough points to leap-frog from 8th in the championship to 3rd overall!”

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Thanks to our crew,  the other powerboat teams, our local  hosts at Aalborg, Greenock and Milford Haven, and Powerboat P1 Management for making a fantastic 2017 season. We look forward to doing it all again next year!

Powerboat crew stays strong after collision

The Pickfords powerboat crew remain a competitive force in spite an unavoidable collision holding them back in Round 2 of this weekend’s P1 Superstock Championship in Greenock.

Sunday’s second race saw the South Street powerboat hook towards Team Pickfords, causing us to slam into the side of the rival vessel. Thankfully, both boats stayed upright, leaving South Street relatively unscathed and our crew, Glynn and Lee Norvall, with only minor injuries.

The Norvall brothers and one of the South Street crew visited A&E for their cuts, bruises and aches on Sunday night, but were thankfully all discharged with a full bill of health by Monday morning.

The combination of high scoring races on the Saturday and early Sunday, and the disqualification of several other teams has kept Team Pickfords in 6th place overall at the halfway point of the Championship.

Can the Norvall brothers make up for lost ground and race their way to the top half of the table in Round 3 next month?


The Pickfords powerboat sustained some damage, but #69 was totalled and team South Street disqualified as a result of the collision.

Nail-biting first round for Pickfords Powerboat

An exciting weekend of racing for the overseas opener of this year’s P1 SuperStock Championship! Nine powerboats battled it out along the shores of Aalborg, Denmark in the first of four rounds in the 2017 season.

Helmed for the first time by experienced race siblings Glynn and Lee Norvall, the Pickfords powerboat had a hard fight to keep pace with the weekend’s highest scoring teams.

Scraping through the Saturday qualifier, Team Pickfords managed two 3rd-place finishes underneath glorious sunshine on day one.

The low-scoring qualifier left the Norvalls scrambling for a place in the Sunday Grand Final. Thankfully the brothers stormed ahead in the Plate, coming first and earning their spot in the concluding races.

Stiff competition left the boys in fifth place overall, sneaking into the top half of the table in front of Team Inverclyde on equal points.

The P1 fleet now head back to British shores ahead of Round 2 in Greenock over the 24 – 25 June weekend. Can team Pickfords notch up the points and secure a place in the top 3? Watch this space to find out.

Meet the 2017 Pickfords powerboat crew!

In three weeks, Pickfords will once again compete in the P1 SuperStock Championship. The annual marine motorsport series features 11 powerboats competing in four European races. The boats race close to shore, tight and fast. The races are a great public spectacle and a demanding task for the drivers and navigators.
This year we welcome Glynn and Lee Norvall as Pickfords’ driver and navigator. The siblings are no strangers to the world of powerboats, competing in last year’s Championship in support of Help for Heroes. We spoke to the brothers to find out what drives them to face the top speeds and choppy waters typical of P1:

Hello to you both, and welcome to the team! Tell us something interesting about yourselves.

Lee: I enjoy Thai boxing and actively trained in Thailand up to a couple of years ago.
Glynn: My best friend is my Boxer dog Stanley, who is totally nuts!

Who’s the most competitive of both of you?
G: I’m the most competitive out of Lee and myself.
L: I am definitely the most competitive out of us both (I just like to let Glynn think he is…!)

How did you get into powerboat racing?
G: We are the second generation of powerboat racers in our family.  My dad Douglas Norvall raced offshore powerboats in the 1960s and 1970s, so we are following in his footsteps.
L: Yes we were highly influenced by our dad. We spent our weekends playing with boats and water and listening to his stories of racing hijinks from back in the day!

What is the highlight of your racing career so far?
L: Being placed in the top five teams in the UK in 2016, which lead to us being promoted to the World Championship in Mumbai earlier this year!
G: Coming third in the Mumbai Championship; it was the first ever P1 race in India!

What are you most looking forward to in the season ahead?
L: With a new team as PickfordsFX, a new boat and two new locations I am looking forward to spending a lot of time on the podium!
G: Racing against some good competition and hopefully a few podium finishes would be nice.

The 2017 P1 SuperStock Championship begins on Saturday 10 June in Aalborg, Denmark. Three more rounds will then take place across England, Scotland and Wales through to September. Watch this space for regular coverage of the upcoming races!