Moving with children: a family checklist

Parents know that trying to organise anything with your children can be a challenging experience. Moving home will probably be one of you kids’ biggest life changes in their early years, so it’s important to get organised and help smooth the transition for them.

While your professional removal company will carry out all the packing and heavy lifting for you, how can you prepare your children for the big move? Here are our top tips for moving and settling in with kids:

  • Pack a moving day rucksack with snacks and entertainment to keep them occupied throughout the move.
  • Allow your children to feel settled in by helping them set up their room first.
  • Let your children pick paint colours and new bedding for their room, to help them get excited about their personal space in your new home.
  • To minimise the anxiety of acclimatising to their new environment, try to keep to the same time schedule to help them adjust quickly, e.g. for meals and bedtime.
  • Help your kids to find new playmates in the area by introducing them to the neighbours and signing them up to after-school clubs.
  • If possible, pay visits to your childrens’ new school to help them get acclimatised to their new environment before term starts.
  • Get involved in parent clubs, either online or locally to your new home, to discover the best kids activities in your new neighbourhood.
  • And of course, don’t forget to childproof your new home!

Ready to move? Pickfords covers every postcode in the UK and move families overseas every day. Visit our Moving Advice Centre for more helpful hints and tips, request a call back or get a quote from our website.

Pickfords delivers childhood dreams for The BFG

Pickfords has been appointed the official removals partner for The BFG Dream Jar Trail, a nation-wide event which sees 50 giant ‘dream jar’ sculptures placed across the capital and the UK from 9 July – 31 August to mark Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday and the release of The BFG in UK cinemas on 22 July.

Pickfords will move the 50 dream jars from the 3DEye studios where the designs have been brought to life, to their final locations ahead of the launch of The BFG Dream Jar Trail on 9 July. Visitors and locals will be able to help The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) find his missing jars by visiting “splendiferous” locations such as Trafalgar Square, Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, St Paul’s Cathedral, Leicester Square, Tower of London, Glasgow, Manchester Lowry Square and The Hays in Cardiff.

Each giant jar will contain the dreams of celebrities and top artists such as Steven Spielberg, Sophie Dahl, Quentin Blake, Nadiya Hussain of Bake Off fame, Paralympian David Weir, Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams and Arsenal Football Club. They will be auctioned after the trail in aid of Save the Children, as well as Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity.

Pickfords’ Managing Director, Russell Start said: “We are delighted to be involved in The BFG Dream Jar Trail, an event that will inspire visitors to explore London, and most importantly, help raise money for two fantastic childrens’ charities.”

See to find out more about The BFG Dream Jar Trail or follow #BFGDreamJars on social media.

Managing your time in ‘moving limbo’


When moving house, there are a few things that need to be done between signing for your new property and actually moving in. Below are some of the main items to check off the list while in ‘moving limbo’

Update your personal details and get your post redirected

Several different companies may need to be made aware of your impending move. These could include the electoral roll, your bank or building society, mobile phone or internet provider, your employer, and any other subscription providers you may have. Many of these services will need an updated address to send any bills or communications to, so it is vital to inform them of your new address.

It is also useful to leave a forwarding address in your old property, so any post that gets wrongly delivered there can be redirected to your new home.

Take final meter readings

Before you leave your current property, you will need to take final meter readings for gas, electric, and water, to ensure that you are not surprised by receiving bills for somebody else’s utility usage.

Make sure you have insurance

The type of insurance you need will vary depending on your property. If you are moving into rented premises, the landlord may already have building insurance. It is more likely that you will need to arrange for your own contents cover however, and getting this out of the way before you actually move will be one more thing ticked off your list!

Organise your TV licence and broadband

If you require a TV or internet connection, try to arrange these before you move so they can be set up as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to pack!

Don’t leave your packing to the last minute! If you need help with packing, moving, or need somewhere to store some of your belongings while you are in between properties, Pickfords offer a range of solutions to help make your move as stress free as possible.

Leaving a rented property: how to ensure you get your full deposit back

Sofa Set

When you sign up to move into a rented property, you will pay a set deposit. This normally equates to around 4 to 6 weeks’ rent, but the amount can vary. The deposit is held as a guarantee that you will look after the property and that, when you move out, will return it in the same condition in which you moved into it.

Many of us will have heard horror stories from friends or family about landlords or letting agencies withholding large amounts, or sometimes the entire deposit, for any number of different reasons, some of which can seem absurd.

With a significant sum of money at stake, you will want to do everything you can to ensure you get as much of your initial deposit back as possible. We have outlined three simple tips to follow to help increase the chances of getting your full deposit back upon leaving a rented property:

Fill in your inventory and take lots of photographs

When you move in, your landlord or letting agency should provide an inventory, which you will be expected to sign. This is normally a list of furniture within the property, but it is a great time to list any pre-existing wear and tear to the property. Make sure you fill in the inventory in detail, listing any current issues, to ensure you don’t get charged for them upon leaving.

It is also advisable to take lots of photos upon moving in and moving out, so you have photographic evidence of the “before and after” of your time in the property.

Read your contract carefully

It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of moving into a new property and not give your contract your full attention, but this is a risky move. Make sure you carefully read your entire contract before signing, to check exactly what is expected of you regarding the return of your deposit, to reduce the chance of any nasty surprises when you move out!

Keep on top of the cleaning!

By making an effort to clean your house or flat regularly while you live there, you will have much less to do upon vacating the property. It is tempting to skip cleaning, hoping somebody else will do it, but these small tasks can soon mount up. Moving out can be a stressful experience, so the last thing you want is to have to spend a huge chunk of your time cleaning up several months’ worth of built-up mess and dirt!