Pickfords Business Solutions is a finalist at the PFM Awards 2018

Pickfords Business Solutions is a finalist at the PFM Awards 2018.

The PFM awards is a highlight of the FM year and recognises exceptional practice in the facilities management sector. The Partners in Relocation category celebrates service providers that have delivered a smooth transition for their customers to new premises, with minimal disruption to day to day business.

The PFM Awards acknowledge the essential requirement of forging effective partnerships within FM and Pickfords is one of only  three business moving specialists  companies to reach the final.

The awards will be presented at a glittering black tie ceremony at The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London on the 7th November.

Warm congratulations to Greta Read, Pat Hughes, Martin Budd and Steve Wilkins, we look forward to the event and the results!

Pickfords Government Contracts Department sponsors winning youth football team

Wormley Youth Reds romp home winners after a nail biting final!

As part of our commitment to our initiatives to support the communities we serve,  Pickfords’ Government Contracts Department has recently sponsored Hertfordshire based, Wormley Youth Reds under 9’s Football team.

Wormley Youth Reds were one of 6 teams from the Herts area taking part in the Sheredes 3 wishes charity tournament on Sunday 13th May. Following their heartbreak in their League cup final loss on Saturday, the boys showed their resilience and determination to never give up and went in to the tournament with one objective, to bring home the cup!

Two wins, two draws and a narrow loss against the tournament favourites saw them through to the Semi finals but not before there was a penalty shoot out to determine the 3rd & 4th spot due to goal difference. Two terrific saves from the Wormley #1, led to them finishing 3rd in their group games and facing one of two teams playing who were in a league above and 2nd favourites in the tournament, in the semi’s!  A sublime strike from the Wormley #8 helped secure an exciting 1-0 win over Hoddesdon Whites and took them through to the final, which set up a local derby against our nearest rivals, Broxbourne United Oranges.

With the end of full time in sight, very little separated the two teams as they both fought hard, grinding out a 0-0 draw and taking it to penalties, again!

A nail biting penalty shoot out saw some strikes worthy of Wembley and the Wormley goalie again producing some fine quality saves. Following a tense few moments of Wormley having to take a 2nd deciding penalty due to the referee losing track in all the excitement, the Wormley #7 stepped up and smashed his penalty in to the back of the net!! The contest ended 4-2, Wormley Youth Reds triumphant winners 2018!

Well done boys, from all of us at Pickfords!

Pickfords reveals Gender Pay Gap Report

Pickfords’ gender pay gap is less than 1%.

Pickfords, the UK’s largest removals and storage company has released its Gender Pay Gap figures. The company’s statistics show that Pickfords’ gender pay gap is less than 1%.

Pickfords is a transport company with unsurprisingly a higher percentage of male employees. Male employees have roles throughout the company, from removal team operatives, drivers, team leaders, customer service move managers and managers. Women in the company excel at customer service,  move management, sales, marketing, financial and Managerial roles. The proportion of women in every pay bracket is less than their male colleagues,  but women’s mean hourly rate only is 0.9% lower than men’s. This means that  when comparing mean hourly rates, women earn 99p for every £1 that men earn.

Although there is a higher proportion of male employees to female, by the nature of their job roles, a higher proportion of female employees (46%) receive pay above basic salary than their male colleagues in terms of commissions. The statistics show that women at Pickfords are twice as likely to earn commission than their male colleagues.

Director Mark Taylor said:

Pickfords‘ corporate social responsibility programme aims to encourage diversity, to create a healthy and inclusive workplace and to encourage equality.

As a transport company, we have a higher proportion of male employees compared to female employees. However, my female colleagues are the backbone of our customer service operations.

This analysis has confirmed that women’s median hourly rates are lower than their male colleagues,  though their mean hourly pay rate is only slightly behind the men.  We have also noted that although a higher proportion of female employees receive commission, the mean and median average amount paid is lower than male colleagues.

Pickfords is committed to looking at initiatives to close any gender pay gap that exists, to create fairness and equality in our workplace.

New country manager for Pickfords Sweden

Press Release

Pickfords has appointed Martin Orrmo as the new Country Manager in Sweden.

Martin has over 30 years experience in global logistics, working across the shipping and forwarding industry.   In 1999 he took on the role of Terminal Manager for the newly installed traffic lane between Södertälje and Rostock in Germany.  Martin has worked in the International Moving and relocation business since 2006 in various roles within the industry in Sweden.

Working in a General Management role, he will take responsibility for the Stockholm operation and all areas of the business.

Martin lives near Stockholm with his fiancée and two children.  He is working on a Bachelors degree in Modern languages, and has previously studied IT and Logistics as well as International removals with FIDI.   He will be based at Pickfords’ warehouse and office facilities in Österhaninge, just south of the centre of Stockholm.

Moving Services Director Kevin Pickford said:

“We are delighted to welcome Martin Orrmo to Pickfords. He brings a wealth of experience and market knowledge, and will provide invaluable leadership and support to our existing team in Sweden.”

For any enquiries

Contact Martin on email martin.orrmo@pickfords.com or telephone him direct on +46 70 754 90 20

How to stay organised during a home move

Moving home can be a rewarding experience – and hopefully an exciting one too! Staying organised throughout the process will help keep your move pleasant and as stress-free as possible. Below are our top tips for staying organised during your home move.

Think about your overall aspirations for your new home

What you want to achieve during the move process? Doing this exercise will help you to stay focused and make you think practically about your move.

We’ve listed a few examples below:

  • Declutter
  • Deep clean
  • Design for your new home – colour schemes and/ or themes (minimal, modern etc.)

Make a floor plan of your new home

This will help you to visualise your belongings in each room and decide realistically what to take with you.

  • We recommend colour coding rooms (to match your boxes & labelling system)
  • Share your floor plan with your removals company so that they can put the correct boxes in the correct rooms upon arrival (if this is something you want).

Set milestones and stick to deadlines

It may help to track tasks – via your calendar, diary or online.

Being able to see your project and tick off completed tasks helps you to manage the process and stay motivated.

Make sure to reward yourself along the way e.g. when a room is finished!

Work methodically

It’s easy to get distracted, so we advise splitting your sorting and packing into sections – either by room, furniture or items. Doing things methodically will help you to see your progress.

Follow a system: keep, donate, sell, recycle & chuck

Organise, pack and label items you can & want to pack (see point 8)

Donate Find a second home for items you don’t need anymore

  • Find a local charity (here)
  • Find a local food bank (here)
  • Give to friends and family
  • Many charities will deliver bags to your home where you fill and leave outside for collection.
    Some may even collect furniture.

make money from selling your items online or at a car boot sale

Ebay (delivery required), Gumtree and Schpock are all examples of online selling platforms which also have apps. Make sure you stay safe and read their guidelines.

be as green as possible

  • Maximise the use of your regular collection bins
  • Batteries can be recycled (more info)
  • Find a local recycling waste centre
  • UK Gov A to Z of recycling & waste (more info)

always have bin bags on hand!

  • Maximise the use of your regular collection bins
  • Take it to your local tip
  • Hire a skip for large volumes
  • Contact your local council – they can usually pick up large items for a small fee (more info)
  • Electronics must be specially discarded & taken to a local tip
  • Garden waste (more info)
  • UK Gov Waste Guide – more info

Clearly label your boxes/ packing areas

  • Use stickers/boardmarkers to label your boxes/ items
  • It is particularly handy to colour coordinate and link this with a floor plan
  • Removals companies usually supply boxes / packing materials & can give advice on the quantity and different types needed to ensure a safe transit
  • Removals companies can also offer a pack and unpack service

Pack an essentials box for when you first move in

You will want your home comforts at easy reach when you arrive!

Example check list:

  • Kettle and mugs with tea bags
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Toothbrush & Paste
  • Light bulbs
  • Bedding
  • Towels
  • Snacks
  • Dishes / cutlery
  • Screws for assembling furniture in 1 place / easy to find

Life admin!

Staying on top of this will make your life a lot easier. Example checklist:

  • Change the address held for you – statements, bills, health docs, schools, work, car etc.
  • Settle all your local accounts – e.g. milkman, newsagents, library books etc.
  • Arrange the switch of your TV, internet & utilities – 1 month prior to move-in date
  • Let friends and family know about your move
  • Organise key info for the new owners – e.g. spare keys, instructions for the alarm, etc.
  • Ideally for security get a locksmith to change the locks of your new property
  • Find out your rubbish collection day (more info)
  • Plan the defrosting of your fridge and disconnecting appliances


Our top tip – make it fun! Put on your favourite music & reward yourself at milestones.

If you want to have things professionally packed and unpacked, Pickfords can offer this service.

If you want a move and concierge service, specialising in fine art and antiques, we recommend our Pickfords Gold service.

Moving with your Dog

Animals are often sensitive to changes in their routine and surroundings, more so than most people realise. Understanding how a move can affect your dog will help you to plan ahead and make it as stress-free as possible for them.

We’ve consulted our in-house specialists in pet moving to provide specific advice to help your beloved family member feel at ease.

Before the move – plan ahead


  • Register with a local vets in your new area
  • Update the address on your dog’s microchip and/or collar
  • Ensure all vaccinations and paperwork are up-to-date, including any medication stock(s) your dog will need
  • Arrange for any dog escape routes in your new home to be fixed

Top tip: if your dog is sensitive to fireworks and loud noise, avoid moving on or around major celebrations

Moving day

Can your dog stay with friends or family on moving day? It is usually advised, however, if this can’t be arranged please see our advice below:

  • Make sure your dog is well exercised prior to the moving process
  • Set aside a doggy room with their food, water, bed, toys and blankets
  • Put a sign on the door and make sure the removal team are aware there is a dog in the room
  • Assign one person to be responsible for checking up on your dog throughout the day
  • Prepare a box filled with all your dog’s essentials for moving (towel, water, poop bags, treats, lead etc.) and pack these things last

Top Tip: Keep your dog’s routine as normal as possible (walks, feed times etc.) and don’t wash your dog’s bedding prior to moving – their own smell will be familiar and comforting to them.

Travelling to your new home

  • Make sure your dog is well exercised before you travel
  • Keep your vehicle cool and make sure the car is well ventilated
  • Stop regularly for toilet breaks and ensure your dog has access to fresh water
  • Never leave a dog inside a hot car
  • Always make sure your dog is on a lead before you let them out

Top Tip: If your dog is prone to travel sickness, it is advised to not feed him/ her for 3-4 hours before travelling

Arriving at your new home

There will be new smells, sights and noises in your new home, which may take some time for your dog to get used to.

  • Make sure your dog is kept on the lead when first arriving at your new home
  • Unpack the doggy box you prepared and make sure they have their bedding straight away
  • Let your dog outside (advisably on a lead) to explore the new environment

Top Tip: It may help if someone stays at home for the first few days to help them settle in. Make sure you look out for signs of dog anxiety, such as a loss of appetite, uncharacteristic behaviours or whimpering/ whining more than usual. Consult your vet if you have any concerns.

We wish you a very happy move with your dog! At Pickfords, we understand that all dogs are different. Should you have any questions, or would like more information on our pet moving service within the U.K or overseas, see here.


Pickfords turns its small print large to help customers avoid the unexpected

Pickfords, the UK’s largest and best known removals company, has abandoned the traditional practice of small print by making its terms and conditions into large, easy-to-read print, encouraging its customers to read and understand important points that they should note when moving home.

Peter Gower, Pickfords’ Legal Services Manager, championed the project following a series of customer issues that could have been easily avoided if the customer had fully read the terms and conditions of their contract.

The new terms and conditions have been written to reflect the current legal landscape with the introduction of the Consumer Rights Act and new data protection legislation which will come into effect this year, the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation.

Peter said:

“It is really important that customers understand what they are signing up to. Although there are more pages, its easier to read because the print is larger and the most vital sections are clearly highlighted.”

Pickfords’ Interim Managing Director, Mark Taylor, welcomed the initiative:

“The Large Print has made it easier for employees to learn and understand our terms and conditions and clearly explain the details to their customers. By championing this initiative, we aim to reduce the misunderstandings and miscommunication that can occur when customers do not fully read the terms and conditions of their removals contract.”

Moving home: 19 tips for settling in [infographic]

Once the moving vans have left the driveway and you’re all unpacked, what’s next? There are a few bits left to do; some fun activities, some things that might feel more like chores, but all important to help you settle in well. Here are 19 tips for a worry-free post-move:


Settling in tips

Ready to move? Contact Pickfords for a free removals estimate, or request a call from us today.


Starter home appliance checklist [infographic]

Moving into your first home means purchasing a lot of appliances and accessories to ensure each room is fully functional. But even with careful planning, it can be easy to overlook a few things when shopping for your homeware essentials. Follow our checklist to make sure each room in your new home is well equipped for you and your visitors.

Starter home appliance checklist.png

Ready to move to your first home? Contact Pickfords for a free removals estimate, or request a call from us today.

6 sure-fire ways to lose your rental deposit

Moving into rented property normally means paying four to six weeks’ rent up front in the form of a deposit, as insurance against any issues at the end of your tenancy. Unfortunately, some landlords and letting agencies can be known to withhold part or all of your deposit for seemingly petty or even absurd reasons.

With a significant sum of money at stake, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep your deposit. Here are six ways that inaction can lead to losing all or part of this investment:

Missing a rent payment

Any missed rent will be deducted from your deposit. If the amount you owe exceeds your deposit, you could even be taken to court. Don’t rely on paying cash-in-hand or remembering to transfer your rent each time it’s owed; set up a direct debit with your bank to ensure the full rental amount is payed every month without fail.

Not checking your inventory

Your landlord or letting agency should provide a list of furniture and features within the property when you move in, which you will be expected to sign. Before you do, read this inventory carefully and note anything that doesn’t match with what’s actually in the property. Also highlight any existing damage or wear-and-tear to ensure you don’t get charged for them upon leaving.

Forgetting to take photos

Another way to protect yourself against false damage claims is to take photos of any existing damage on the day you move in. Any photos taken on a smartphone or digital camera should be automatically time-stamped so you can prove they were taken before your tenancy began.

Neglecting to read the contact

Failing to give the contract your full attention is a risky move, as this will explain exactly what is expected of you regarding the return of your deposit. Make sure you read the entire contract carefully to reduce the chance of any nasty surprises when you move out.

Putting off highlighting issues

Notify your landlord or letting agency as soon as anything stops working or is accidentally damaged. If you put off letting them know, they are more likely to interpret the issue as deliberate damage on your part and deduct the cost of repair from your deposit.

Avoiding the cleaning

Unless the property is spotless at the end of your tenancy, cleaning costs may be deducted from your deposit. But waiting until the last week to do one big clean is a recipe for failure. Make an effort to clean your property regularly so you will have much less to do before you leave.

Ready to move into your rental? Contact Pickfords for a free removals estimate, or request a call from us today and ask about our professional cleaning service at the time of your move.