Pickfords reveals Gender Pay Gap Report

Pickfords’ gender pay gap is less than 1%.

Pickfords, the UK’s largest removals and storage company has released its Gender Pay Gap figures. The company’s statistics show that Pickfords’ gender pay gap is less than 1%.

Pickfords is a transport company with unsurprisingly a higher percentage of male employees. Male employees have roles throughout the company, from removal team operatives, drivers, team leaders, customer service move managers and managers. Women in the company excel at customer service,  move management, sales, marketing, financial and Managerial roles. The proportion of women in every pay bracket is less than their male colleagues,  but women’s mean hourly rate only is 0.9% lower than men’s. This means that  when comparing mean hourly rates, women earn 99p for every £1 that men earn.

Although there is a higher proportion of male employees to female, by the nature of their job roles, a higher proportion of female employees (46%) receive pay above basic salary than their male colleagues in terms of commissions. The statistics show that women at Pickfords are twice as likely to earn commission than their male colleagues.

Director Mark Taylor said:

Pickfords‘ corporate social responsibility programme aims to encourage diversity, to create a healthy and inclusive workplace and to encourage equality.

As a transport company, we have a higher proportion of male employees compared to female employees. However, my female colleagues are the backbone of our customer service operations.

This analysis has confirmed that women’s median hourly rates are lower than their male colleagues,  though their mean hourly pay rate is only slightly behind the men.  We have also noted that although a higher proportion of female employees receive commission, the mean and median average amount paid is lower than male colleagues.

Pickfords is committed to looking at initiatives to close any gender pay gap that exists, to create fairness and equality in our workplace.

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