Pioneering a paperless office

Pickfords Business Solutions works with companies of all sizes as they undergo change in the workplace. Pat Hughes, Technical Sales Manager at Pickfords, suggests the following tips, designed to help companies change their habits and embrace new ways of working to transform office space into a clutter-free zone:

Utilise agile working tactics
Employees using outdated desktop PCs tend to feel a sense of ownership over their immobile working space. Swapping out computer towers for laptops removes this way of thinking and creates a more flexible space.

Introduce flexible working
As most company infrastructures now enable remote login, more and more companies are offering employees flexible working. Pickfords typically sees around six desks deployed for every 10 people, meaning there is less desk space to clutter with paper.

Change the notion of desk ‘ownership’
The next step is to enforce the idea that no desk belongs to any one person. Introduce personal lockers for employees to store their belongings while not working from a desk, and impose a clean desk policy at the end of each day to free up the desk for the next person.

Recycle old desks in favour of smaller furniture
Over the last few years we have noted that desks are getting smaller. Companies are typically scrapping the old style 1.6 metre wave desks for 1.4 metre bench desks to create space and reduce clutter.

Limit filing
Encourage employees to purge their paperwork and dispose of old files. We have observed some companies limiting employees to a linear metre of filing, prior to moving to a new location, which has forced a reduction in paper.

Invest in offsite records management or document storage
You may be legally required to keep paper copies of certain documents, but don’t need regular access to them. To create space, utilise document storage or records management company to store your files off site until you need them.

Recycle your unwanted furniture
If you are undergoing a workplace change project, Pickfords will relocate the contents of your office, and work with local charities to donate your unwanted furniture and IT. Click here to find out more, or get a quote today.

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