Top 6 things to do before you move

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It’s never too soon to begin planning your move. From changing your address to booking the removal company, there’s a lot to consider. The following checklist will help you make sure you’ve covered off the essentials when preparing to move:

1. Update your addresses

Arrange for your post to be redirected and notify friends, family, your bank, credit card company, etc, of your new address.

2. Sort out any temporary accommodation

Book any temporary accommodation required between leaving your old property and moving in to your new home.

3. Finalise your utilities

Arrange for your gas, water, electricity and TV licence to be disconnected and obtain your final bills.

4. Have a good clear-out

Now’s the perfect time to declutter; sort through your belongings and donate, dispose of or recycle any belongings not needed in your new property.

5. Power down your white goods

Disconnect your washing machine, defrost your freezer and drain petrol and oil from any power equipment you wish to take with you.

6. Book your removal company

Arrange for a home survey, packing, moving and any storage needed with your removal company.

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