What are the challenges of hospital relocation?


Most hospital buildings will undergo refurbishment, or even a complete rebuild at some point in their lifecycle. Facilities inevitably become outdated and unsuitable for the latest equipment, buildings too small for their growing needs or unable to meet the latest standards of healthcare.

Large redevelopment or relocation projects can be rather daunting, particularly if it’s the first time for those involved. The following are the main challenges of hospital moves, and how they can be addressed:

Ensuring patients’ comfort

Moving or relocating a hospital can be an uncomfortable experience for patients, especially the elderly, disabled or otherwise vulnerable, as their environment moves and changes around them.

Pickfords Business Solutions’ staff have the experience, resources and training necessary to work in sensitive environments. All relevant staff are DBS cleared for your peace of mind.

Overcoming the complexity

Hospital moves can be highly complex, with the unique requirements of many different departments to consider; patients, equipment, furniture, filing, IT and telephony must all be planned and accounted for within a set timeframe.

Key areas such as A&E, maternity wards, operating theatres and ICU have a clinical imperative to remain operational at all times, so timing is important to ensure these services can be offered in at least one location at any one time.

Following careful preparation and planning, Pickfords will create a comprehensive move plan to allocate resources and schedule move periods effectively and efficiently, ensuring the smoothest possible execution.

Pickfords’ national resources allow us the flexibility to keep removal crews on standby to accommodate for any last-minute schedule changes or unforeseen circumstances.

Keeping departments operational

During a move, you’ll want to keep as many departments open as possible for as long as possible, especially A&E.

Pickfords will work with hospital staff to create a solid move schedule to ensure little to no interruption of service delivery, particularly for emergency departments.

Moving drugs and chemicals

Medical drugs and chemicals require expert care during transportation to eliminate the possibility of any accidents, particularly in a sensitive hospital environment with vulnerable patients at risk of exposure.

Certain chemicals also require temperature control, as well as security to protect against theft.

Pickfords liaises with hospital staff to ensure all drugs and chemicals to be moved are known and carefully inventoried, working with specialist partners with the expertise and equipment to transport each chemical and ensure any potential risks during the move are eliminated.

Moving specialist equipment

Most hospitals have specialist equipment that must be moved with the utmost care, such as laboratory equipment, cold storage units, heavy machinery and specialist IT equipment.

Pickfords has the experience and expertise to fully project manage the decommission, relocation and re-commission of a wide range of specialist medical equipment and machinery, working with hospital staff to ensure a safe environment and clear paths for access and egress while transporting such items.

Pickfords’ national network of storage facilities means that equipment can be safely contained and stored for any length of time during a hospital move or refurbishment.

Pickfords has a wealth of experience moving hospitals and healthcare facilities, working closely with staff to ensure an expertly planned and executed move, suited to their needs. To find out more about moving your facility, contact Pickfords Business Solutions on 0845 130 6559 or solutions@pickfords.com or visit our website.

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