Pickfords FIDI-FAIM certified for Corporate Relocation

Pickfords Move Management is now certified FAIMPLUS, a worldwide recognised industry standard for international relocation, presented by FIDI, the largest global alliance of professional international moving and relocation companies.

The FAIM certification demonstrates that compliant companies continually provide global relocation services to a uniform quality standard. Anyone relocating internationally can be confident that Pickfords has the knowledge, experience and resources to deliver a professional move.

Pictured: Tracey Rogers and Steve Wilkins from Pickfords

Pictured: Tracey Rogers and Steve Wilkins from Pickfords with the FIDI certificate

FAIMPLUS is awarded to established ISO 9001-certified companies, demonstrating high standards in the implementation of quality management systems.

As a member of the FIDI Global Alliance, Pickfords adheres to the highest standard of quality and efficiency in moving services, in accordance with the FAIM standards.

Russell Start, Pickfords’ Managing Director said,

“We are thrilled to have been awarded the FAIMPLUS certification for international relocation, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to quality move management. My personal thanks to our staff for maintaining the high standards which ensures Pickfords delivers its services to a consistently high standard.”

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