The challenges of IT relocation

Close up cable connection

IT systems are the lifeblood of any modern company, so ensuring the successful relocation of your systems is vital for the continued running of your business throughout your office move.

With this in mind, what are the main challenges during an IT relocation, and how can they be addressed?

Overcoming the complexity

Where do you start when planning an IT relocation? IT infrastructures are often incredibly complex, so it can be a daunting prospect to undertake one as part of an office move.

Server centres especially are highly technical to move and require specialist knowledge of the technology, combined with expertise in business relocation.

Pickfords carefully plan IT relocation projects before a single item is moved, creating an execution and layout plan based on your existing setup and any changes that need to be made, e.g. to rationalise any redundant equipment.

Handling delicate equipment

Incorrect handling of vital IT equipment can disrupt your business and lead to down time, lost data, or the need to replace expensive hardware.

Infrastructure moves need to be planned in detail to minimise downtime and avoid losing data. All delicate equipment should be packed carefully to prevent damage.

In addition to the execution and layout plan, Pickfords offers businesses the option of a virtual server to back up your essential date before your physical server is powered down, safeguarding your data and ensuring business continuity.

Pickfords’ ensure the safe transit of your systems using specially designed packing materials and n air-ride suspension vehicles to ensure the safe transit of your systems.

Minimising disruption and downtime

During an office move, your customers will rightly expect continuity of your business, regardless of the status of your IT systems.

Our experts will plan the phasing and reconnection of your IT and telecoms in line with your departmental and business needs, ensuring all your data is backed up and your systems continue to be operational throughout the transition.

Keeping your workplace safe

The safety of your employees should be the first priority of any office move. How do you ensure a safe working environment while large pieces of hardware and countless metres of cabling are being moved between offices?

Work to ridged health and safety guidelines, Pickfords carry out carefully planned cable management to eliminate potential hazards while moving, executing a phased move plan to ensure the efficient transfer of all hardware.

Your office move is also an ideal time to review your electrical equipment and have PAT Tests carried out.

Pickfords can arrange for your equipment to be PAT Tested to ensure it is compliant with health and safety regulations and that it functions safely prior to your relocation.

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