Pickfords Croyden branch helps improve a toddler’s quality of life

A huge thank-you to the Croydon branch for improvingPicture1 the life of a toddler with cerebral palsy, volunteering their time and resources to moving Oliver and his family to a new home.

Pickfords was approached by www.52-lives.org, a website dedicated to helping one charitable cause each week. The non-profit website was made aware of a young family whose current living situation did not meet the needs of their disabled toddler.

Katie and Stephen have two boys: Freddie, aged 4 and Oliver, aged 2.

Young Oliver suffered pre-natal complications from a bleed in the brain which resulted in hydrocephalus (water on the brain), moderate hearing loss, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and blindness.

The family owned a flat in Kingston, which they needed to sell as it did not meet Oliver’s needs. They were lucky enough to find a house with far more space, allowing side access for a wheelchair, and space to fit ramps, a new sensory area and a swing.

With Katie caring for Oliver full time and Stephen only recently returning to the workforce after two years at home, the new house has pushed the family financially. But they knew it was the best thing for Oliver, so persevered despite the significant costs involved. 52 Lives recognised the difficulty Katie would have, largely arranging the move on her own with two small children to care for.

The Croydon branch was more than happy to help, so packed and moved the family to save Katie a great deal of time and energy, and ultimately ensuring that little Oliver lives in a home that met his needs.

“A big thank you to Pickfords for offering to help us in a time of need. We received a fantastic service from all involved with our move. Thank you.”
– Katie, Steve, Freddie and Oliver

“Pickfords offering to help this family was pure kindness. It is companies like this one – that offer support to people when they need it the most – that make our communities, and our world, so much better. Thank you Pickfords! You are amazing.”
– Jaime Thurston, 52 Lives

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