Moving house at Christmas

Christmas can be a busy time, with lots of presents to wrap, cards to write, relatives to visit and food to be cooked, but what if you have to move home on top of that?

With 400 years experience in removals, Pickfords have moved plenty of families over the festive period. We’ve compiled a useful hints and tips to moving at Christmas which may just help you avoid the stresses of moving and mean moving into your new home is a great present for you and your family!

Book well in advance
Once you know your move date, get your removals company booked as far in advance as possible. Christmas can be one of the busiest times of year for moving, so by booking early you can ensure you won’t miss out when move day comes.

Be aware of the weather
Snow is great for playing in – not so much for trying to move house in! You can make life easier by ensuring your pathways and parking areas are gritted and cleared of snow to make sure your removals team aren’t hindered by the conditions. It’s also a good idea to make sure everyone is wrapped up warm – you will most likely have doors open to the elements for most of the day, meaning it is important to keep warm clothes on.

Contact your utilities suppliers
It’s especially important when moving in Winter to keep your utility providers informed of your dates. Make sure you inform your new gas, electricity and water providers, otherwise there might be no fairy lights shining on the tree and turkey roasting in the oven!

Tell everyone you’re moving
Give your new address details to friends and family well in advance, otherwise your Christmas cards might end up at your old address! For any that do arrive after you’ve moved, leave a sheet of sticky labels with your new address on so the people moving into your old home can forward them on. Alternatively,  set up a postal redirection service with the Post Office.

Get help
Moving house at any time is hard work, at Christmas time with excited children, bad weather, limited light and the usual administration to be factored in, it can be exceptionally tough. If you have young children, get a relative or friend to look after them while the heavy lifting and moving is done. Bringing in friends to help with packing and moving is also a good way of speeding up the process.

Beat the sunset
Darkness rolls in early in winter so if you can, get to your new home before the light starts to fade. Keep a  torch nearby just in case – it’s hard enough to find the light switches in a new house, let alone in the dark! If you get there earlier, there’s much less chance of paths and roads being icy and you can put the heating on and make a cuppa to warm up.

Festive food
Remember that over Christmas shops close earlier than usual, so make sure you plan ahead and either do a food run as soon as you get the keys, or make sure you’ve got the essentials in and treat yourselves to a takeaway on the first night. After all the moving and starting to unpack, you’ve earned a treat.

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