Moving to America?

On Saturday 24th November we presented at an immigration into America seminar held in Central London.

Discussing the subject of international moving was our Head of Corporate Accounts Eric Pengelly, who gave a detailed talk on the potential perils and pitfalls of moving to the USA, and why it pays to go with an experienced moving company to manage your move.

Moving to America

Eric’s audience was a mixture of people thinking about moving to America, whether to start a business, retire to the USA, or move for work reasons. He covered a number of topics including what you can and can’t take into the United   States, the power of the Homeland Security agency which manages all of the US Border entry points, the services that people looking to move should choose from their moving company, and the importance of insuring your consignment as anything can happen at sea!

He also included an example of how not to move to America that Pickfords became aware of, through a journalist contact of our Press Office who moved to the USA with a company he had used domestically but had no experience internationally.

Being a writer he was constantly working to deadlines and wasn’t able to devote the time needed to the moving process. His quote arrived by text, with no accompanying terms and conditions, and no insurance was offered by the movers. The company packed his precious record and book collection, which had taken him a lifetime to collect and held considerable value.

When moving to America there are several key pieces of customs paperwork that need to be completed to ensure a smooth transition: Supplemental Declaration, Power of Attorney, clear copies of passports and visas, 1-94 slips, a clear copy of social security card and/or signed SSN verification form, and a clear copy of your inventory.

The company despatched the goods via container to America but failed to complete the necessary paperwork, and on arrival in the USA his shipment was impounded by Customs. He had arranged for a colleague to be at his new home to receive the shipment but it did not arrive, and while determining its location, the consignment was investigated by Customs. Because the required documentation could not be found, all his personal effects were destroyed.

This highlights the importance of using a moving company with a ‘traffic light’ approval system for paperwork, which means that nothing moves until all the necessary i’s dotted and t’s are crossed.

Did you know?

Sea shipments to the USA normally take between 8-12 weeks in a grouped container, but can be up to four weeks faster in a container booked for your sole use.

The US has very strict regulations on importing vehicles due to higher emissions regulations which make the majority of vehicles illegal to use in the States. However, there is an exemption for vehicles over 25 years old.

Pickfords moves in excess of 750 individuals and families to the United States every year, with the most popular destination being New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Houston.

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