The challenges of IT relocation

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IT systems are the lifeblood of any modern company, so ensuring the successful relocation of your systems is vital for the continued running of your business throughout your office move.

With this in mind, what are the main challenges during an IT relocation, and how can they be addressed?

Overcoming the complexity

Where do you start when planning an IT relocation? IT infrastructures are often incredibly complex, so it can be a daunting prospect to undertake one as part of an office move.

Server centres especially are highly technical to move and require specialist knowledge of the technology, combined with expertise in business relocation.

Pickfords carefully plan IT relocation projects before a single item is moved, creating an execution and layout plan based on your existing setup and any changes that need to be made, e.g. to rationalise any redundant equipment.

Handling delicate equipment

Incorrect handling of vital IT equipment can disrupt your business and lead to down time, lost data, or the need to replace expensive hardware.

Infrastructure moves need to be planned in detail to minimise downtime and avoid losing data. All delicate equipment should be packed carefully to prevent damage.

In addition to the execution and layout plan, Pickfords offers businesses the option of a virtual server to back up your essential date before your physical server is powered down, safeguarding your data and ensuring business continuity.

Pickfords’ ensure the safe transit of your systems using specially designed packing materials and n air-ride suspension vehicles to ensure the safe transit of your systems.

Minimising disruption and downtime

During an office move, your customers will rightly expect continuity of your business, regardless of the status of your IT systems.

Our experts will plan the phasing and reconnection of your IT and telecoms in line with your departmental and business needs, ensuring all your data is backed up and your systems continue to be operational throughout the transition.

Keeping your workplace safe

The safety of your employees should be the first priority of any office move. How do you ensure a safe working environment while large pieces of hardware and countless metres of cabling are being moved between offices?

Work to ridged health and safety guidelines, Pickfords carry out carefully planned cable management to eliminate potential hazards while moving, executing a phased move plan to ensure the efficient transfer of all hardware.

Your office move is also an ideal time to review your electrical equipment and have PAT Tests carried out.

Pickfords can arrange for your equipment to be PAT Tested to ensure it is compliant with health and safety regulations and that it functions safely prior to your relocation.

Pickfords introduces man and van service

Whether you’re renting and don’t have a full home to move, or simply want to take an active role in your removal, Pickfords Man and Van is the perfect service for small, local moves.

Our service includes a van and a driver to help you move, and an extra man (or woman!) Should you need help packing.

We can provide whatever you need for your home move, including packing materials, a home cleaning service and handyman at the home you’re leaving, your new property, or both.

For a quote call 0330 1230 595, email or visit our website (click here for desktop or here for mobiles and devices) to find out more.


Ops controller Paul Pettigrew retires after 45 years

Happy retirement to Croydon Operations Controller Paul Pettigrew after 45 year’s loyal service at Pickfords!


Joining Pickfords in 1970 as a General Clerk based at Redhill in Surrey, Paul rose through various roles before becoming Wimbledon Branch Manager in 1977, paving the way for an array of management positions across London and the south until he was transferred to Croydon as Operations Controller in 2012, where he remained until his retirement.

IMG_1996 - Copy 

Paul’s colleagues describe him as incredibly helpful, reliable and always working hard to satisfy customers, building great relationships with colleagues across the country.


The retirement party was held at Woodmansterne Sports Centre in Banstead, Surrey, where Paul celebrated his career with his family and colleagues past and present. He told an anecdote of his time as a sales rep: being nervous of dogs, he was unfortunate to visit a customer’s home filled with growling, barking hounds. While the customer was kind enough to keep the dogs away from Paul, part way through surveying the house he was terrified to hear more barking right behind him, only to discover the noise coming from the family’s pet parrot, imitating the dogs!


Paul plans to spend his retirement doing jobs around the house, playing golf and taking much-needed holidays.


Pickfords would like to thank Paul for his service and wish him a very happy retirement.

L-R Brian Fryer Group Mgr, Terry Gale retired Fulham Mgr, Paul, Pat Hawkins Retired Mgr Bromley - Copy

New service from Pickfords Gold: tortoise re-homing!

Pickfords Gold Move Manager Liane Start recently co-ordinated an international move for a customer who owned a five-year-old tortoise named Chloe. Unfortunately, local customs regulations meant the tortoise was unable to move with the family.

Liane took the initiative and arranged to find a home for the tortoise. The customer was saddened to lose Chloe but delighted that his particular issue had been resolved as part of his move.

Liane has arranged to send photo updates of Chloe in her new home on a regular basis from Pickfords.


Pickfords introduces pet travel service

The UK’s largest removal company has launched ‘Pickfords Pet Shipping’, a pet travel service that ensures your pets are given expert care when moving overseas.

With travel available to destinations worldwide, you can now organise the shipping of your furniture and the relocation of your pet at the same time, from a central point of co-ordination.

owner and two dogs going for a walk

Features of the new service include:

  • Pet travel quote integrated with your quote for household effects
  • Trained pet consultant to arrange the details of your pet’s relocation
  • Made-to-measure Travel Carrier with water bowls and VetBed
  • Collection from home to our kennels or straight to the airport
  • Global flight tracking of your pet in transit
  • Pet Protection Plan built into the price of your pet move
  • Quarantine and delivery to check-in arranged
  • Arrival services including customs clearance and delivery if required

Click here to find out more, contact your local branch on 0800 019 8557 or email

Shipping goods to Australia: an expat guide


Australia is well known as the most popular destination for British expats, but once you’ve decided to make the move to the land down under, you’ll need to decide which personal effects to take with you.

When planning what to move to Australia, you should be aware that there are various taxes and duties to be paid when importing certain goods, as well as accompanying paperwork to ensure everything gets through customs smoothly.

Being aware of the tax implications will help you to make the best decisions on the goods you take into the country.

Tax-exempt goods

If you intend to take up permanent residency in Australia, many of your belongings may tax-exempt. If you can prove you have personally owned and used the items for at least 12 months prior to departure, and are a returning resident or first-time migrant taking up permanent residence, goods such as clothing, books, furniture, appliances and sporting equipment may not need to be declared, and may be exempt from duty, GST (Goods and Services Tax) or other taxes and charges.

Taxable goods

Certain types of goods are subject to duty, GST and/or other taxes, regardless of length of ownership. These include alcohol and tobacco products, vehicles and vehicle parts, commercial goods intended for resale, goods purchased from overseas while in Australia (including internet purchases) and goods which were bequeathed to you.


You’ll need to complete an Unaccompanied Personal Effects (UPEs) statement for your goods, along with an Evidence of Identify (EOI), submitted to customs along with a passport, Australian Citizenship certificate or birth certificate, photo ID (passport of driver’s licence), a list of all goods included (e.g. a packing list) and a delivery order from the shipper.

Transporting your goods

When you’ve decided which goods to take with you to Australia, Pickfords are on hand to pack all your belongings, collect them from your home, book the freight transport (whether by air or sea), and arrange for customs clearance. In Australia, your goods will be delivered at a mutually convenient time by our overseas partner, Allied Pickfords Australia.

Our Move Managers know the challenges of moving to Australia, and will provide expert advice and guidance when shipping your goods to Australia.

Is there a best time to move home?

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For many of us, our home move is dictated by the time it takes to sell our property, find a new home, agree on a price, exchange contracts and the chain remaining in place to allow you to complete.

For those lucky enough to be in control of your move date, the best times of year to move are generally early in the year, and just after the summer holidays. Demand for removals services peaks in the summer and slows at the end of the season, so the costs of moving home is likely to be lower. Most people want to move on a Friday,  so it is more cost effective to move mid-week.

If you have children in school, it’s best to schedule your move around the school calendar. Summer is ideal, as it won’t disrupt the school year and gives the children plenty of time to adjust to the idea of moving, say goodbye to friends and adapt to their new surroundings before school starts again.

Whenever you decide the move home, hiring a professional removal company will help take the strain and ensure your move goes without a hitch. Pickfords, the UK’s largest removals and storage company, move tens of thousands of people every year, all year round, so you can rest assured you’ll receive a highly professional service, whenever you decide to move.