Cambridge carries cardboard combat-zone

Thank you to the team at Pickfords Cambridge for supporting local childrens’ charity Romsey Mill with an abundance of packing cartons, helping create a battleground for their recent ‘lads only’ Nerf War event!

The branch also lent parking access to the charity’s mini bus for their ‘girls only’ Sing Dizzy karaoke contest.

Ollie Leonard, Youth Development Worker for the local area, was quick to praise the branch and crew:

“The team [were] so incredibly friendly and supportive. We can’t thank you enough!”


Send a letter from Santa this Christmas

Children can enjoy a personalised letter from Santa this Christmas!

Our partner charity, the NSPCC, is running their annual Letter from Santa campaign once again. Your loved ones can receive a personalised letter straight from the North Pole this Christmas!

Click here to bring Christmas to life for your children and help us raise vital funds for this great cause.

Letter from Santa

Are my goods safe in storage? Your 5-point checklist

Storage loading

Long term and self-storage are great tools in the home moving process, allowing flexibility when selling your house or flat and keeping your belongings secure prior to settling into your new home.

Without sight of your possessions, however, it can be easy to worry about their safekeeping. Considering this potential concern, how do you ensure peace-of-mind when moving your belongings into storage?

1. Investigate the company

A reputable, experienced storage company will give you confidence that your goods will be handled with the utmost care. Look out for industry certifications and awards as helpful indicator of a company’s credentials.

Pickfords’ nation-wide storage centres are accredited by the FIDI Global Alliance and British Association of Removers (for warehouse and Self Store), as well as the ISO 9001 and BS 8522 quality standards.

For more information about Pickfords’ accreditations, click here.

2. Ask about the location

Understanding your storage facilities will give you confidence that your goods will be secure, however long you intend to store them.

Self store

For short term storage and smaller volumes, self storage facilities are ideal to pack and store you own belongings, giving you complete control over the process. Self Store also typically offers the most flexibility in accessing your possessions.

Pickfords Self Store provides access six days a week, convenient on-site parking at four accessible, inner-city locations.

Warehouse storage

Storage warehouses are designed to keep your goods safe for as long as you need them. Most warehouses use weatherproof wooden crates, nailed shut to protect against the elements, plus external security such as CCTV and burglar alarms.

Pickfords’ national storage network utilises larger wooden crates than any other removal company, eliminating safety risks associated with over-filling. Our flagship London facility includes Europe’s largest, unmanned, fire-safe warehouse, featuring 24-hour security and metal containers designed to protect items of the highest value.

3. Get help packing

If you opt for self store or otherwise wish to pack your own belongings, make sure you buy the right packing materials and research how to pack different items securely.

Drop by one of our Self Store locations for a wide range of boxes, tape and wrap to protect your goods. You can also visit our YouTube channel to help you pack like a pro!

For the truly professional touch, ask your storage company to pack your goods for you. Pickfords provide expert packing for long and short-term storage, using specialist packing materials and secure containers sealed at your residence for optimum security.

4. Request an inventory

If placing your belongings into long term storage, you may not be accessing them for several years. Arranging an inventory of your stored items means you’ll have an accurate record of all the goods in the care of your storage company.

As part of our long term storage solution, Pickfords create a complete inventory of your belongings in detail so you have complete control over your goods in store.

5. Choose the right insurance

While professional storage centres are designed to keep your belongings as safe as possible, taking out insurance helps protect you in the unlikely event that your goods are lost or damaged in store. A reputable storage company should offer sufficient insurance for your peace-of-mind.

Pickfords’ customers can opt for storage insurance, covering loss or damage excluding fire damage, fire insurance, covering damage by fire, or both. To cover all eventualities, you can also take out insurance to cover your goods while in transit to and from our storage centre.

To find out how Pickfords can help with your storage requirements, call 0800 019 8557 or visit our website.

Fears overcome for charity skydive

Well done to our four brave parachuters who recently leaped from 10,00 feet to raise £2,400 for the NSPCC as part of The Big Skydive!

Pickfords’ Charlotte Puttock, Chris Browne, and Elaine Draper-Ross performed their fearless freefalls on Saturday, reaching speeds of over 120mph to raise vital funds for our partner charity.

Also jumping was Chris’ nephew Demetri Zacharia, who gallantly overcame his fear of heights to take part on behalf of Pickfords, raising over £500 to help in the NSPCC’s fight for every childhood.

The Big Skydive

How does Canadian culture differ from the UK?


A highly-sought destination for British expats looking for like-minded hosts, Canada offers an open immigration policy, high quality, affordable healthcare and multi-sector job vacancies.

As with any new country, expats will experience a range of cultural differences that may jar at first, but over time will serve as a positive reminder of why you originally decided to move abroad:

Distance means nothing

The sheer size of The Great White North means that Canadians have a different concept of distance to Brits. In Canada, travelling for several hours is nothing; residents drive long distances every day for work and leisure, usually out of necessity as many towns are thirty miles apart!

Nature is highly regarded

Between these secluded neighbourhoods lie vast expanses of diverse flora. Canada’s deep respect for nature is expressed through countless hikers, joggers, photographers and artists taking in these sites come rain or shine (or snow!). While many Brits see the great outdoors as a holiday destination, ‘getting back to nature’ is more a way of life for the typical Canadian.

Patriotism abounds

Anyone familiar with our Royal Family will know that the UK is no stranger to patriotism, but this takes on a different meaning in Canada. Maple leaf flags and emblems are everywhere! Locals are incredibly proud of their country, and most have a strong allegiance to their province or region.

Foreigners are welcome without reserve

While British patriotism can be seen as hostile to outsiders, Canadian flag-waving translates to a welcoming attitude where foreigners choosing to stay is a compliment to their country.

Friendliness is a given

Similar to their southern neighbours, Canadians are incredibly amiable to strangers, typically greeting them on the street. This may be uncomfortable for those used to the British reserve, but long-term expats will soon get used to it and learn to respond in kind.

Sport(s) on ice prevail

While football (soccer) in Canada has a following akin to the UK, this pales in comparison to their love of ice hockey (known simply as ‘hockey’). Also popular are Canadian football, lacrosse and curling.

With partner offices in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver, Pickfords relocates hundreds of expats to Canada every year. To find out how we can help you fulfil your expatriate dream, visit our website or call 0800 019 8557.

Snowdon Trekkers raise over £3,800 for NSPCC!

Well done to our team of trekkers who conquered Mount Snowdon for the Moonlight Challenge this weekend, raising £3,820 for our partner charity, the NSPCC!

The team of seven trekked 21km to the top of Mount Snowdon over Saturday and Sunday, walking through the night to reach the peak in time for a fantastic (if foggy!) sunrise view of the summit.

Our walkers, including Managing Director Russell Start, enjoyed the trek but admitted it was incredibly tough. In spite feeling sore this morning, the team are glad to have taken part to help raise money for this great cause.

The NSPCC sent us a lovely thank-you for taking part:

On behalf of everyone at the NSPCC I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all for completing the Snowdon Moonlight Challenge!

This money will help the NSPCC answer 955 calls to vulnerable children across the UK. Your feat will help us get closer to reaching our goal of answering every call, and help us give more children the childhood they deserve.

So on behalf of everyone at NSPCC and the children we support, thank you so much for believing that every childhood is worth fighting for. We couldn’t be happier to have Pickfords supporting us.

Snowdon Moonlight Challenge

Cambridge branch helps promote cycling for the disabled

A massive thank-you to Kevin Hughes and Pickfords Cambridge for helping promote cycling for all at the Cherry Hinton Festival at the Cherry Hinton Recreation Ground, Cambridge, this weekend.

Kevin transported specialist bicycles and unloaded them at the Recreation Ground for You Can Bike Too, a local community project that helps nervous, new and disabled riders gain confidence in cycling.

Ruth Brannan, Community Facilitator for You Can Bike Too, was quick to thank the Cambridge branch for their help:

“Saturday went like clockwork; Kevin was a superstar! The Cherry Hinton Festival appreciated your support and we did too.

The man with a van was so happy to help us; he was a brilliant support for our project.”

Cherry Hinton